Learn English Online – Preparation Material for Test Takers

Learn English Online – Preparation Material for Test Takers

Learn English Online – IELTS test is quite tough and candidates might need months of preparation to face the test. In addition, the IELTS exam material covers 4 English basic skills in which the participants should demonstrate their ability. Well, what is the best way to master IELTS material in a relatively short of time?

Learn English Online – Preparation Material for Test Takers

#1. Understand the Format of the Test
First, you need to understand the format of the test. You can do it by reviewing the content of the exam include types of the task and questions for each session. Make sure that you read the IELTS rules and regulation carefully.

#2. Practise, Practise, and Practise!
The next thing you have to do is practice a lot by using sample test questions. You can complete the test material samples to help you prepare the test. This will give you a valuable assistant and an idea of what you can expect in each session of the test.

#3. Official IELTS Practice Materials
This is also very important to find out official IELTS exam material to help you practice. There are two sets of official practice materials developed by IELTS. The materials are specially created to allow you to understand the types of the questions as well as the formats of the test. The packages are also provided with sample answers as well as comments from the examiners.

#4. Consider to Join a Preparation Course
The next useful tip you can take is considering to join an IELTS preparation course. There are a lot of language schools and IELTS centers in the world that offer special programs for IELTS preparation. Though it is not compulsory, many candidates find that joining the course is really helpful to improve their skills in English.

#5. Register as Soon As Possible
If you want to get the maximum result from the IELTS exam material practices, you need to register to the IELTS centers as soon as possible. The sooner you start the practice, the better result you possibly get.

Rumored Buzz on Wildlife Biology Colleges Exposed

wildlife biology colleges

Biological individuals who’re studying zoology could possibly be used in the study market. Marine biology is a significant area of study. It is often thought to be one of the most popular areas of study. Wildlife biology is tremendously related to ecology. It is a broad field that accommodates many interests and allows professionals to make a number of scientific contributions. Or maybe you enjoyed biology in high school and wish to understand if it would be well worth majoring in at the following level.

Once hired, a wildlife biologist could possibly be given some training about the particular projects they’ll be working on. Wildlife biologists might have a particular species or all-natural habitat they specialize in, making the foundation for their advanced course work. A wildlife biologist is a specialist in animals. Zoologists and wildlife biologists conduct research for various purposes. For instance, one biologist might be interested in agriculture, and the way to make farms safer and more efficient. Work with Game Populations Additionally, wildlife biologists may also operate to enhance the abundance of hunted wildlife in a place, particularly if there are a substantial number of hunters in that region. You may be the fantastic wildlife biologist that you want later on.

Wildlife Biology Colleges Help! As you start to plan for college make certain to set aside some opportunity to examine your choices for biology scholarships. Marine biology colleges have to be equipped with cutting-edge facilities and Florida Tech is the same. Hence, it’s important to select marine biology colleges or schools that provide quality instruction and the appropriate number of actual experiences to enable far better knowledge of marine biology.

The study of biology is always evolving, leading to numerous scientific breakthroughs in recent decades. Because wildlife studies rely on the location of the habitats of unique species, students may wish to come across a school that has access to the populations they would like to study. The best method to know whether a specific career suits you is to learn how research is done in that region.

There are a number of wildlife careers out there, based on your present interests, education and skill collection. If you’re interested in careers in wildlife biology, you will likely need at least some college education to acquire your foot in the door. Careers related to biology may be a rewarding way for professionals to use their current knowledge and techniques in a different way. Careers in zoology and animal biology are generally defined by the subject of study. College biology majors could be preparing for quite a few careers. They are prepared for graduate work and careers in a range of scientific and multidisciplinary fields. Generally speaking, wildlife biology majors have to take a breadth of courses and labs that are focused on science and conservatism.

Being a real wildlife rehabilitator may be a huge responsibility. A wildlife rehabilitator must become certified in the proper coursework necessary to learn to deal with wild animals in addition to get the appropriate permits necessary to handle wildlife. For instance, a lot of zoologists and wildlife biologists work to maximize our understanding and comprehension of wildlife species. Source: https://tomcaster.com/

Korean Broadcasting Sensor Committee Warned Knowing Brothers Episodes

A favorite variety program was reprimanded by the South Korean Broadcasting Censorship Committee because it was considered to show irreverent action in the show. The show is Knowing Brothers episodes which broadcasted by JTBC. Taken from Kmazing.org The Broadcast Censorship Committee (South Korea’s broadcast censorship agency) gave the warning on December 22. The reason, Knowing Brother episodes again displays sexual harassment on the female guests who were present as well as fellow members of the program.

The warning was delivered by the Broadcasting Censorship Committee on December 22, on the basis of the existence of disrespectful attitudes towards female guests sexually on several occasions. Not only that, this warning was also given because Knowing Brothers episodes are often considered to use bad words. Reporting on Koreaboo, a member of the Committee named Ha Nam Shin stated the reason they gave a strong rebuke to the program on this pay television channel which was fronted by Kang Ho Dong and Super Junior Heechul.

“This program is a variety comedy program but also occupies a level of popularity that can compete with non-cabel programs (unpaid channels). This means that events also have to maintain their class level which reflects popularity and on this basis we decided to issue a warning,” Another committee member added, “On the 7th, I only paid attention to the use of language and improper actions so we had to issue warnings, but then realized that they had also objectified women sexually.” The things that were intended were scenes where Min Kyung Hoon presented Jun So Min with a bra made of paper cups. And there are also impolite words that are used like “You’re very feminine” and “Are you gay?” as well as other harsh words used at the event also mentioned as a problem. While more than 4 episodes have been observed to have these errors and there have been 37 complaints submitted by viewers. Read more on https://kmazing.org

Perfect Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mother of the Groom's Dress

Mother of the Bride Dresses – Once upon a time, the mother of the bride planned a wedding. Because her husband often pays infidelity, he is given the responsibility to ensure that everything is perfect. What the bride has to do is agree with her mother, and what the groom has to do is come. But time has changed. At present, most couples get jobs when they are engaged, which means they often pay for most of their own wedding expenses. And because they paid the bill, they also planned an affair.

Mother of the Groom's Dress

Where does that leave the bride’s mother? Actually, it often makes him feel a bit left out. However, the father of the bride has some real responsibilities. He could walk his daughter down the hall, make the first toast, and dance with him. But actually there isn’t much that mothers can do in modern marriages except to smile and look beautiful.

Fortunately, most mothers of brides enjoy this simple and reduced role. They don’t need to answer everything. They can be involved or not involved like their daughter. Their only real responsibility is to find a killer gown. Of course, this is easier said than done.

How to choose

Because most mothers of brides don’t have much to do, they tend to put more emphasis on the dress. They want a dress that will make everyone leave and will make them feel like part of a wedding, even though they don’t have much to do. This can be both a blessing and a curse.

On the plus side, the right dress can turn it into the most amazing woman in the room. At the minus, it’s actually not their role. The bride should be a standout, which is why the mother of the bride must always wait until her daughter and bridesmaid have chosen their dress before she starts shopping.


The mother of the bride must look for a dress that praises the color scheme of dillard mother of bride dresses, but does not duplicate it. In short, he cannot wear white clothes and he should not wear the same color dress that the bridesmaid wears, because he is not a bridesmaid. Soft shades of yellow, green, pink and blue are earthy colors that are perfect for almost all weddings, no matter how formal or casual. Gem tones like burgundy or purple are more popular at weddings in fall and winter.

The easiest way to choose a pleasant color is to find colors that are a little brighter than bridesmaid dresses. Because the bride chooses color, her mother can be sure she likes it. Similar colors will also ensure that the dress does not collide with the rest of the wedding in the picture. The mother of the bride can also coordinate the dress with the bride, because she will share hundreds of photos with her on the wedding day.

What color is prohibited? White, ivory and even champagne are preferred; they are too close to the wedding dress. Traditionalists also say that the mother of the bride must stay away from red and black. Red is considered too flashy and black is the color of grief for adult women.


Even if the ceremony is relaxed, the mother of the bride must always ask her daughter about the length of the dress. While most mothers dress conservatively at their children’s weddings, a younger mother may feel uncomfortable wearing a full length dress. Of course, she can’t wear a much shorter one than her daughter’s dress. Long tea dresses, long dresses and cocktail suits are a popular choice for mothers who are younger than the bride.

Style and Cut

Different dresses flatter different types of body. Perhaps the most versatile silhouette is the classic A-line dress. The shape is rather like a bell and can make most women, especially older mothers, look best. When it comes to style, it really is personal preference. However, it is important to consider the groom’s mother. Tradition states that he took his fashion cues from the bride’s mother. So, if the groom’s mother is a little older or rather large at the hip, it might be best to choose a more conservative and understated dress.

A little more tips

Avoid flower prints. They can be annoying and they rarely shoot well, especially next to girls in solid color dresses. Beads and sequins are also outdated. The wedding dress is the only one that is allowed to look luxurious. Ribbons, lace, and ruffles may also be on it.

Accessories are an easy way for younger mothers of brides who feel a little tedious in their dresses to slightly beautify. Colorful slings, scarves or jewelry can add the right amount of color to a simple dress.

Consider these tips and advice when you go shopping for your mother from a wedding gown and you will be sure to turn to your daughter’s special day.

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Building Your Brand by Following a BootCamp

Provides the Brand Builder Bootcamp 2, Live Event, Coaching Calls in the Tribe by Ryan Moran. So What Can A Business Owner Which Makes Over $a million Dollars Monthly Educate You About Creating A Billion Dollar Brand? There are course called brand builder bootcamp that you can get download from the page. Less Than His Clients, Who’ve Used This Method To Complete Exactly The Same In 12 Several weeks Or Fewer.

You need to learn just how to build up a brandname that sells items that people want. and 100% confident that you could sell them at healthy profits. You need to develop a brand that sticks out all your competition, as you have something of real value that you simply feel proud to market.

You’ll need a brand that individuals have confidence in one which people return to again and again with lifelong customers that support all you do, and purchase all you create. Ways To Get Very Obvious In Your Product Idea (even though you do not have the smallest clue what you would like to market)

Using Amazon.com Along With Other Websites As Research Tools To Ensure A Fantastic Product (which means you dont finish up creating something my own mail). How You Can Build Up Your Prototypes And Products (without getting scammed or bullied with a supplier)

How You Can Fund Your Company (and the way to get it done without raising just one dollar). How To Locate And Properly Pitch Investors (if you want startup capital)

You’re here because you need to create freedom and peace of mind in your existence. You’re here because you need to build something larger than you. A company that can make money making a difference, without or with your participation. Something can take shape then sell for huge amount of money, or pass to the generations to come of ones own.

However if you simply realize that success is associated with individuals which are patient, disciplined, and focused – And also you trust the proven process Im going to construct for you personally.

Now, if you are still beside me. Should you realize that this program is a method to result in the billion dollar business happen faster and simpler. Should you realize that this can take years off your learning curve, and protect you from painful and costly trial and error training. Knowing that creating a billion dollar brand on your own can be difficult work.

If you are ready to purchase yourself, and make the work. Knowing that you’ll require an established blueprint to follow along with. Lounging The Building Blocks For The Multi-Billion Dollar Brand

Stage Zero is how your opinions arrived at existence, get validated, as well as your brand begins to get built. Become familiar with just how to validate your opinions (which means you dont pursue the wrong impression), and using them as physical items that people want.

Some Important prerequisites to Think about Wedding Toast

Wedding Toasts

Wedding Toast is a universal staple for all wedding receptions. Anyone who has ever been to a wedding knows that weddings can be carried out in many ways. The different method of giving wedding toast is what separates the giver of speech between being seen as a generously admired hero of fools who are considered bad with their feet in the mouth. With proper preparation and guidance, it can be avoided without problems at all.

Wedding Toasts

I’ve been to many marriages. With that, I also gave many wedding speeches. That doesn’t mean I’m a confident public speaker. I fear the opportunity to speak in public like most people. But I have given a successful, intelligent and pleasant marriage speech, many times through the use of a very simple rule system. These rules are easily outlined below and make sure to turn your Wedding Speech into a crowd pleaser. Before you read the Toast Guidelines, I want to elaborate on some important prerequisites to think about.


1. If you are like the majority of people out there, you might be afraid to imagine giving a wedding speech. RELAX. Everyone at the wedding is there for fun. Nobody came out to pick you up. The most important part of every marriage speech is speaking from the heart. Don’t worry too much about entertaining a group of people you might never see after an affair. Enjoy yourself and most importantly, let the Bride enjoy themselves when you toast. After all, toast isn’t about you. It’s about a beautiful couple on their special day.

2. Be sure to check yourself in the washroom mirror before making your toast. All eyes will be on you for five minutes of your fame. After you confirm that your fly doesn’t open the zipper or your dress doesn’t slip too far, you’ll have one thing to worry less about – your appearance.

3. Before giving a speech, don’t get drunk. If you prefer to drink or two to calm your nerves, go ahead. But there is a fine line between full belief and drunken stupidity. Calm yourself. You want your words to be carried across the room eloquently as possible. It will be much easier to do without pedaling or drying.

Toast Guide:

1. Just like all types of essays or speeches, your toast must consist of introduction, body, and conclusions. In other words, it must have a beginning, a middle and an end. Write your toast on paper a few days (or weeks) before the affair and edit the toast to your liking. It is always a good idea to get a second opinion from a partner, friend or family member. Some good ways to start a toast are to comment on how wonderful the affair has been so far.

2. If you don’t know most of the audience, it’s always a good idea to identify yourself. “Hi, my name is Lisa and I know Jen since we were kids …” Introducing yourself will make the speech much more enjoyable for strangers at Marriage. They will be able to see the moment through your eyes.

3. Don’t hesitate to include the beautiful memories of the bride from your past. If you want to make it funny, of course do it. However, if your joke is joking or gives a negative light joking to the bride or groom, make sure you start the conversation with this joke so you can conclude with more sincere and kind comments. It is also not recommended to make jokes about the bride. He must get free permission when toasting. The groom is open to teasing but try to step lightly.

4. Some Prohibitions: Do not mention the previous relationship that the bride may have. Don’t tell unpleasant stories about their single swinging days. Don’t joke to insult the bride’s parents (even if you know them well). Don’t joke about the sexual relations of the bride and groom. Don’t talk about money or wedding expenses. Don’t get drunk while giving a speech (I know I mentioned above, but I emphasize this).

5. End the wedding with words from the heart. End toast with the highest note. Express the wishes of your most beautiful future, the joy you experience in seeing this couple unite and how lucky everyone has shared at this time. If you speak sincerely from the heart, you will never sound artificial or cliched. This is part of the speech where you can see how many tears you can jolt from the crowd. It has always been my favorite.


1. Save the toast for about 5 minutes.

2. Always practice toast. Try to practice in front of people.

3. Always be aware of people. The age of officers can range from 5 years to 90 years.

4. Feel free to read from Notes if you are very nervous. As long as you make eye contact with Bride and Groom, you will be a hit.

5. Don’t forget to say in the end, “Cheerful, L’chaim, Congratulations or some kind of expression of toast. You will tell the crowd that toast has ended with this movement.

6. If you are nervous, practice. Do not worry,

Visit Jeremisep for more tips, tricks and advice on planning your big day. Enjoy discovering wedding favor ideas

How Multi-cam Live Streaming – Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up 2019

And save it and then this would send information to it I actually already have it set up I have it like a reoccurring one that I go that I calls a reusable stream called filmmaking times and I’m doing up here so I just select that Save Changes and now if I go to my life control room it’s gonna be basically sending right now I’m just capturing my desktop so she’s gonna be sending my desktop but you click preview princess preparing your live stream right now it says it’s bad it’s because my computer’s like doing too many things at once so that’s the reason why but anyways this is kind of once it’s it’s accepted it’s gonna say that it’s previewing up here tv malaysia

And yeah right now I could start streaming so it’s not a you can’t see anything up here right now because again I’m using the computer for multiple things and it’s kind of doesn’t know what to do on Facebook it’s again a very similar thing you go to your Facebook let’s say paging the door on your Facebook like your profile is right away go to live video but if you go let’s save Facebook page you can do on a pray for your private to the person for public let’s say business page and go to publishing tools go to videos and in here you have this little option called plus live video and then in here it basically will ask you again to put in the title tags all that stuff and it gives you

The stream key so you take this copy it go to your restream for example or you know to your streaming software like OBS and you go in here and you put stream key so you paste it in there and that’s kind of how you would yeah you wouldn’t end up kind of streaming it at the video and once you’re ready to go let’s see life on Facebook you go click here go life and it’s gonna whatever is being streamed from your what Blackmagic what presenter is gonna show up in here and then here in my studio as you can see I have my light so I have one light up here that I wish was actually an aperture light as i’ll probably get another one of those LS lights which i have appear with

Beginner Guide to Investing Forex Trading Currency Trading 2019

The euro for example okay so let’s take a look at how a typical foreign exchange quote works it’s a little bit fiddly it’s not quite as straightforward as say pesco shares but it’s not too bad so first of all what are these currency pairs I’m talking about well there are half a dozen or so major currencies around the world Sterling’s one of them the euro the yen the Swiss franc the US dollar the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar these are all major currencies and because currency traders like to keep things quick they’re all shortened so when you’re spread betting for example you’ll often see sterling described as GBP and you’ll see US dollars described as USD so all currencies have these little three-letter acronyms euro not surprisingly or you ye you are jadwal tv

And so on so make sure that you’re aware of what the major currency pairs look like shorten because otherwise you’ll look at that and thing with no idea what that means what this means is I’m thinking about betting on sterling against the US dollar then you get a rate now the currency on the left is the one there is one off so what I mean by that is a typical rate will come with two prices just like when you buy your holiday money you walk into the bank and you say I’d like some dollars to go on holiday and they say fine we’ll sell you dollars at this rate and then if you try and go back two weeks later and sell some of the dollars you haven’t used on holiday you find they apply another rate and not surprisingly it works out in their favor not yours currency markets not surprisingly use

The same principle across the board so when you’re buying and selling currencies be aware that the rate will be split into two there’ll be a bid rate and there’ll be an offer rate so what this comes down to is you need to think am i trying to basically buy the currency in question or sell it or am i betting on sterling appreciating or depreciating so let’s put a rate in so for example maybe we’ve got a bid rate of one five five eight six an offer rate of one five five eight nine now on a screen it won’t necessarily say that this is a dollar rate it may just appear like that it may even appear like that but everybody knows that this is a currency quote once you know the or dealing with this pair you know that these are dollar amounts and so let’s just turn that into

Ecommerce Guides on Finding The Best Product to Sell

The web has produced endless possibilities for companies and lots of have switched to the net to get hold of their target markets. Building an eCommerce is obviously bound to become a positive results, but it’s not necessarily as simple as it could seem. Success depends on planning, strategies and expertise and often you will possibly not have what is needed to consider your company one stage further. Fortunately, you are able to depend on eCommerce consultants to provide solutions that really make a difference for the business. eCommerce providers offer numerous services that meet your requirements all angles.

Business design planning – Planning your company model is among the things that you can’t overlook when beginning. It is crucial to possess objectives and techniques will achieve your objectives and model planning plays a crucial role for the reason that. Your eCommerce consultant will help you with detailed planning of the business design that’s certain to win.

eCommerce web site design – Your eCommerce site plays a crucial role in representing your logo and giving your users or customers probably the most enjoyable experience when utilizing it. An expert consultant will help you with designing an expert and completely functional site for both B2C and B3B purposes. Some People are using EcomHunt to search for the best product on the internet.

Growth and development of management systems – eCommerce involves plenty of online transacting and business engagements, making management systems necessary for result in the processes simpler between both you and your customers or visitors. Talking to companies make sure that your clients are offered most abundant in appropriate management systems to help keep everything to ensure that you.

Payment gateway solutions – Performing online businesses means that you’ll offer purchase options on the internet and for you need to develop the very best payment gateways for that products you sell. The gateways needs to be safe and sound and reliable as well as your company will help you avail the very best methods to your clients without having to put the internet transactions in danger.

M-commerce solution – eCommerce has become a lot more than only a computer experience. Increasing numbers of people are actually counting on their cellular devices to create purchases and also you cannot ignore this growing group or else you will lose out on great sales possibilities. Whenever you hire an eCommerce consultant, you’ll enjoy the introduction of simple to use mobile methods to achieve all of your targets even on the run.

Social commerce – Social networking networking has had center-stage while offering an excellent platform to consider your company greater when it comes to sales. It’s however one factor to produce your company profile and quite another for doing things effectively for the eCommerce objectives. An advisor can help you use effectively popular social platforms for example Twitter and facebook to develop the company.

Other solutions that the eCommerce consultant can provide are accounting solutions, CRM, building affiliates, franchise, multi channels and resellers, full proof marketing and online marketing in addition to back-office management system development among many more.

Nail Art Design Ideas for You

nail art design

Nail Art Design – Tracking clothes, hair and shoes, the next fashion item is nail art. This is becoming increasingly popular every day because it allows girls to enjoy the attention brought by their nails. Nail art requires creative design using various art forms.

Many may be fascinated by simple nail design, but are afraid to make nail art designs because they consider it a difficult job. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as many people imagine, even if it requires a little patience and a little practice. Here are a few easy-to-use artistic designs for your nails, inviting you to start before moving on to more complex designs:

Easy Nail Art Design for beginners:

Alternative colors:

This is the easiest to do, requires minimal effort. Just use different colors for each finger and highlight.

Use of varnish effects

You can get nail polish to create many effects, such as Crackle effects, magnetic effects, Croc effects, color changes, etc. You will find them easy to quickly give a different look to your nails.

Water decals / nail strips / nail stickers

You can also get many nail art designs that are ready for use, including water stickers, full nail wraps and nail stickers. You can get it with instructions to use, and beginners will find this easy to follow.

Nail Art Pleases with Lines

The lines make your nails attractive. You can make strips using stripper, if not, you can use a soft brush.

Dotted manicure

Graceful and simple peas. You can use nail points to make flower patterns. This is probably the simplest and first step in drawing nails without any model.

Food & Beverage Outlets

Leopards and zebra animals are not difficult to make and make your nails very cute.

Nails in the liver with spots

Valentine’s Day can be far away, but this design is suitable for all times of the year. Mawar always looks funny, whatever the season. To make this pattern by leaving the ring finger, clean all your nails in pink. The ring finger should be painted white, followed by heart-shaped peas with a toothpick. Make peas with roses in different shades, and finally apply top coat to cover the pattern.

Nail Art with Rhinestone

You can easily add bling to the nails and rhinestones that are perfect for the party look.

Braided nails:

Fishtail Manicure – Getting this look is easy and you can do it right if you have a little patience. You need three different colored, overlapping nail polishes. You have to give each layer dry time and that’s it.

Chocolate Nails

This is another very easy project. All you need to do is paint brown nails and some decorations, like hearts (you can find broken staples in your hand). Use nail glue to glue it and paste the shiny golden nail polish on your thumb and little finger.

Moon Colorful Rhinestones

Half-moon nails always have class! In this case, you paint your nails in black, so you put different rhinestones near the cuticle, followed by a quick drying layer

Tips with glitter gradients

For a new look, try the glitter gradient. Paint your nails with black paint and, with the help of a sponge, add paint to the nails of bright fuchsia. Apply the final layer after drying.

Water drops / a few drops of Nail Art

To get this look, make a gradient from brown to purple and then apply matte to cover it. Let it dry before adding paint spots to ordinary nails using a toothpick on one side of the nail.

Shining half-moon gradient:

This gives a very smooth and elegant appearance. If you like, paint your nails in purple and add silver glitter with a sponge in half a month. You can also use sparkling shade or just dry glitter mixed with clear paint.

Digital Nail Art

This design only looks good if it’s run correctly. First, you paint white nails and let them dry completely. Then, using a black pen, a black line drawing and fill in several areas with different colors, leave some areas blank. For a better look, you might need to draw a black line again. After drying, apply a coat quickly.

Mix the nails

Solid and matching nails give a very chic and great look. This can be achieved by applying yellow ink to the middle finger and thumb, the black pointer will have a white dot, the little finger will have black and white lines and the ring finger will have a sparkling graphite color. After finishing with enamel, apply top coat.

Nail Art Pen

Be fashionable to have real fur on your nails. Only nail polish and add fur to the painted nails when the paint is wet. Give him time to calm down. Then cut the hairy nails and finally apply the top coat.

Nails and chain clamps

To get these nails, you have to paint them in two colors, then add chains and staples on the nails. You will also have animal footprints on the pointer and little finger.

Bright nails with dark edges

This result is achieved by applying shiny nail polish and adding a thin, dark tip. Finally, cover the nails with a top coat.

Gradient with stamped nails

To get this pattern, make a gradient using lots of colors on all nails, apply it to your favorite pattern, and apply the final layer at the end.

Shine on dark nails

You will find them great when you go out for the night. This is a special varnish formulated to glow in the dark.

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