Character education must be balanced academically

Bad behavior of students who dare to challenge teachers is considered a form of failure of the Indonesian education system. This situation is due to the fact that until now education has been considered to rely solely on academic values, in relation to student character education.

Psychologist Anggia Chrisanti Darmawan revealed that the majority of education in Indonesia is still directed towards understanding the left brain. Schools do not pay much attention to behavioral education and only a few schools focus on the development of children in nature.

In general, education is all about learning to read, count and draw from when a child sits in kindergarten to high school. All education taught is fully intellectual and academic development. Source:

Cases of physical violence perpetrated by students against teachers in several regions in Indonesia are evidence of the weakness of character education. The latest is the case of a Gresik student who criticized his teacher for not being reprimanded for smoking at the beginning of class.

According to Anggia, education in schools generally does not teach the importance of civilization or character development.

“Schools are only formalities, teachers and students are only teachers and people are taught, there is no love in them, there is no respect for them. Teachers,” Anggia told KORAN SINDO.

Vice President of the Indonesian Child Welfare Commission (KPAI) Rita Pranawati revealed that schools need to do more in-depth research on the background of students who have committed violence in schools. . Because this bad behavior can come from the family or social environment of students outside of school.

“It could be in a family environment to swear, knocking becomes a normal thing, so he believes that something like that is not wrong,” he said.

Rita also said that the era of disorder has a lot of influence on the emotional maturity of children who have not been tested. This is due to the fact that the character of children has been ignored. “Parents focus more on education than values, not on children’s feelings, parents don’t see how they go to school, what the school environment is, or maybe if they know the situation in their child’s school,” Rita said.

Expert staff of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ari Budiman, said the country’s education system, with its various policies, was in line with current needs. Plus, the 2013 program has a passion for the spirit of character education. That is, this education then encourages students to become moral individuals, have noble hearts and are virtuous.

In accordance with Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 87/2017, the teaching of this character includes religion, nationalism, independence, mutual cooperation, and integrity. Ari observed, now in the world of education, maybe schools are more inclined to apply punishment rather than punishment for students. This often results in parents being less receptive when their children are sentenced to school. Source:

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