Sales Tips and Tricks on Facebook to Order Many Orders

Sales Tips and Tricks on Facebook to Order Many Orders

Facebook is among the social media that is not the least loved by the people of Indonesia. This application made by Mark Zuckerberg has not a few features that can be used, it can even be used to sell.

The selling feature on Facebook has the name Marketplace. You can sell through the Facebook Marketplace without the hassle of registering first.

Curious how to use the technique? Citing a legitimate Facebook blog.

To sell on Facebook, of course you must first log in to your Facebook account. If so, click ‘Marketplace’ with a shop icon in the left column of the Home News.

Then, click ‘Sell Something’, and click ‘Goods for Sale’. Here there are four choices to choose from, namely Items, Vehicles, Housing for Rent / Sale, and Jobs.

Add a Description

When you have chosen a product, enter an explanation of the product you wish to sell, like the title, price, location, and group of items (home & garden, entertainment, or clothing & accessories).

You can also add exposure to the product. Fill in the full product exposure so that potential buyers don’t need to ask you again.

To mark a product, that the product is free, then enter the number 0 in the price element.

Upload Product Photos

Next, click ‘Photos’ to upload product images from your smartphone or computer. It is recommended to download a clear product portrait and a number of angles so that potential buyers are sure that the product you are selling is.

Finally, click ‘Post’ and the product will be shared on your Facebook page.

Easy enough, right? Congratulations to make an effort, fellow Tekno Hopefully your sales will flood.

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