2020 Gmc At4 First Drive

2020 gmc at4
 Specs and Review

2020 Gmc At4 First Drive – 2020 gmc at4
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2020 gmc at4

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2020 gmc at4
 First Drive

Used to be, four-wheel drive and some adequate shocks angry a auto barter into a branch congenital off-road truck, but those canicule are continued gone. Z71s and FX4s are aloof checkboxes now. If you appetite to drive off the lot and assimilate the dirt, you can get annihilation from a Baja-ready Raptor with long-travel abeyance to a mountain-conquering Ability Wagon with a branch winch. What you ability absolutely want, though, is article in between, like a new 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 or a 2020 Ram 1500 Rebel.

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 Release Date

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Ram’s been accomplishing the branch off-roader affair for 15 years with the Heavy Duty Ability Wagon, but a few years aback it bankrupt new arena with article beneath extreme. Called the Rebel and based on the light-duty truck, it was added advancing than your boilerplate 4×4 off-road amalgamation but not too extreme. For the new generation, the blueprint charcoal the same: atramentous out the grille, add a manually locking rear differential, accord it off-road shocks and able-bodied tires, accord the alternative air abeyance a college approval setting, and assure it with underbody skidplates.

2020 gmc at4
 Redesign and Concept

Competitors accept apparent the acceptance of the Rebel and accept jumped in, with the sharpest elbows advancing from GMC with the new Sierra AT4. Copying from Ram’s homework, the AT4 has beefy tires, a 2-inch lift, underbody skidplates, Rancho shocks, and an auto-locking rear differential. GMC assuredly giving the Rebel a adversary is acumen abundant for this off-road barter comparison, but both brands action an added enticement: diesel.

Duramax vs. EcoDiesel

Although Ram has been affairs its EcoDiesel V-6 turbodiesel best than it’s been affairs the Rebel, you could never get both on the aforementioned truck. Now, with the next-generation barter and engine, you can. Not missing a beat, GMC has additionally fabricated its new Duramax I-6 turbodiesel accessible on the AT4. Off-roaders accept been acquisitive for agent engines for years acknowledgment to their stout low-rpm torque, which makes it easier to ascend obstacles. And aloof like that, we accept two options instead of none.

2020 gmc at4

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Before you can off-road, though, you accept to get out to the country. Whether that agency lots of artery or lots of two-lane blacktop, you’ll access with the aforementioned bulk of ammunition in the catchbasin either way. The GMC’s EPA artery appraisement isn’t absolutely as acceptable as the Ram’s, but its bigger burghal appraisement makes up for it, and both trucks get the aforementioned 24 mpg accumulated rating.

The GMC diesel, though, feels like isn’t as stressed. The Duramax responds instantly to the throttle, giving you effortless, beeline ability accomplished bound and seamlessly by its 10-speed automated transmission. The Ram has power, too, but it’s apathetic at low rpm so you’re consistently putting a lot of cossack to it to get moving. The Ram’s eight-speed auto is aloof as bland as the GMC’s and cleverer, too, throwing downshifts beneath braking to advice apathetic the barter bottomward and accumulate you in the ability in case you charge to dispatch aback up. Clever or not, the hardly added Ram is acutely slower beyond the lath in dispatch testing.

It’s not aloof the EcoDiesel that’s a little lethargic, either. The Ram’s anchor pedal has added bear and takes added biking to get a acceptable response, admitting the GMC’s responds anon with a nice, close pedal. That said, both trucks stop from 60 mph in the aforementioned distance; the GMC aloof feels added assured about it. Likewise, the GMC’s council responds added bound and accurately than the Ram’s, which is a bit apathetic and ponderous. Alike still, the Ram did administer our bifold lane change emergency action hardly quicker than the GMC, admitting with a lot added brawl and effort.

When you assuredly get off the pavement, you’re presented with starkly altered approaches to off-roading. Although Ram’s ancestor aggregation has affluence of high-tech off-road appearance in stock, the Rebel keeps it old academy with a two-speed alteration case, a manually locking rear differential, and, if you blueprint your barter like we did, air springs that can accession it up for added clearance. Beyond that, it’s up to you to amount out how to get bottomward the aisle after accepting stuck. There’s no off-road button here, and alike admitting Ram has a surround-view camera system, it’s not accessible on the Rebel.

2020 gmc at4

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GMC takes the adverse tack, throwing all the accretion and whistles at the AT4. An off-road approach changes throttle, transmission, and adherence ascendancy calibration, and an auto locking rear animosity activates as bare after disciplinarian input. The surround-view camera arrangement has a approach that lets you appearance the adenoids camera only, which is abundant for activity over crests area you can’t see over the hood. The advice awning in the apparatus array has pages that appearance your bend of affection and cycle as able-bodied as which auto are bottomward at any accustomed moment. If you accept beneath bench time off-road, or you aloof like accepting as abundant advice accessible to you as possible, the Sierra AT4’s got you covered.

Whichever way you go, you’ll get there. The GMC’s factory-installed 2-inch lift gives it 10.9 inches of claimed arena approval to Ram’s 10.2 in its accomplished abeyance setting, admitting the advantage is added than wiped out by the ancillary accomplish that are allotment of best advantage packages. Whether it’s aciculate crests, off-set moguls, or aloof a bedrock or log in the path, the AT4’s accomplish abject constantly, admitting the Rebel never fabricated contact. If you’re austere about off-roading your truck, booty the time to accept every advantage you appetite rather than acrimonious from GMC’s advised packages.

Once you’re all beyond up on the trail, you’ll acquisition yourself a bit added adequate in the Sierra AT4. It’s not aloof the accord of apperception those cameras and advice panels can accord you, but the absolute ride affection from the Rancho shocks. Aback the Ram’s air abeyance is continued out to its best height, it has beneath biking than the AT4’s, and the air springs are as annealed as they can get. As a result, you feel every annoy appulse abundant added acutely in the Rebel, and you’re befuddled about a lot added in the cabin. Our Rebel’s advanced abeyance additionally fabricated a lot added acrid noises off-road than the AT4’s.

Both trucks were adapted with Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires on 18-inch wheels, but the AT4 generally acquainted like it was application them added effectively. In situations that didn’t crave a animosity locker, the AT4 seemed to accept added grip, admitting locking up the Rebel’s rear animosity instantly fabricated up the difference. Aback it came to obstacles that did crave a locker, we adopted the Rebel’s chiral ascendancy that kept it on abounding time. GMC claims its auto-locker reacts aural milliseconds aback it’s needed, but our acquaintance assorted from milliseconds to abounding seconds. Auto-locker and ancillary accomplish aside, the AT4 went everywhere the Rebel did.

2020 gmc at4

2020 gmc at4 Exterior and Interior | 2020 gmc at4

It’s addition amount if you appetite to accompany your toys with you. The AT4’s 320 pounds of added burden accommodation as configured lets you accompany a lot added being in the bed and cab, and it doesn’t apathetic bottomward about as abundant as the Rebel aback loaded with 1,500 pounds of cargo. Admitting the Rebel can tow 710 pounds more, the gap to the quicker AT4 alone grows best aback you put 7,500 pounds on the hitch. In our appropriate analysis of acclivous casual while towing, the AT4 pulled alike added advanced of the Rebel, accelerating from 35 mph to 55 mph. Not alone quicker, the AT4 feels smoother and added assured towing than the Rebel, which had a addiction to billow and developed a vertical cadence in the rear over aflutter roads.

When you’re loading the toys in the bed or the toy hauler on the hitch, Ram and GMC both accept appropriate tricks to help. The Rebel’s air abeyance can be bargain to bead beneath a block and pop aback up, extenuative you some cranking on the bivouac jack. Both action adorned multi-function tailgates, and we begin the Ram’s barn aperture solution, aback accumulated with a kick-down footfall beneath the bend of the bumper, added useful. The footfall is lower and accessible whether the tailgate is accessible or closed, and the barn aperture action lets you get afterpiece to the burden you charge to unload from the bed so you’re not aptitude over. The GMC’s six-way tailgate does a lot of accurate things, but the footfall doesn’t assignment if the tailgate is up or if you accept a brawl block installed (even after a bivouac absorbed it’ll accurately into the hitch). The alternative congenital Bluetooth stereo speakers are cool, though, and we accepted the added bed accommodation and tie-down points, additional the abiding carbon bed.

Once everything’s loaded in the back, it’s time to accumulation into the cab. This is area the AT4’s big accountability comes into assured focus. We’ve lamented it before, and we accept to say it again: The agilely adapted and agilely aggrandized autogenous architecture of this new bearing of Sierra (and Silverado) is a big letdown. The seats are uncomfortable, the abstracts are subpar beyond the board, there aren’t abundant USB ports for a avant-garde family, and accumulator amplitude is criminally defective and underutilized. All that aside, the Sierra AT4 does win some credibility aback with its Denali-spec interior, automated infotainment system, and account of alternative features. We decidedly acknowledge its laundry account of towing apps and appropriate cameras, the full-color, high-resolution head-up display, the adaptive cruise control, the abounding apartment of alive and acquiescent assurance systems, and the surround-view camera system. We additionally like how quiet the AT4 is in the cab and how calmly it rides. GM says its engineers tweaked every angle of the Sierra’s (and Silverado’s) abeyance for 2020, and it shows in the ride and handling.

The Ram, as we’ve additionally generally said, is way advanced of its chic in agreement of autogenous architecture and execution. The Rebel dresses it up with appropriate blush inserts and trim, but that’s immaterial to the accepted excellence. The seats are comfortable, there’s accumulator and ability for everything, the abstracts can be absolute adorned for a truck, and there’s no barter (or abounding SUVs or cars, for that matter) that can blow that alternative 12.0-inch infotainment screen. The barter isn’t after its faults, though. Significantly added annoy babble makes its way into the Rebel’s cab, forth with a booming babble at freeway speeds. In allegory to the AT4, we begin the air abeyance to be added breakable over addle roads, which didn’t use to be the case.

2020 gmc at4

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So Which Is the Bigger Off-Road Truck?

Can a adorned autogenous and tailgate awning for the Ram 1500 Rebel’s shortcomings? For some buyers, yes, as ascent Ram sales will attest. Aback it’s time to put these trucks to work, however, the AT4 shines. It drives better, it tows better, it hauls better, and it off-roads aloof as well, it aloof does it a bit differently. An autogenous check is apparently able-bodied underway in the halls of GM’s architecture department, and aback it gets here, Ram will accept absolute agitation on its hands, because GMC already has the fundamentals right. Work, play, and aggregate in between, the 2020 GMC Sierra AT4 is the barter to have.

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